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A bioclimatic pergola or a covered patio: which to choose?

pergola ou préau

When building an outdoor shelter, it is frequent to hesitate between a bioclimatic pergola and a covered patio. Even though these two shelters have similarities, they also have one major difference: one has an adjustable roof and the other has a fixed roof.

Covered patio: a fixed garden installation

A covered patio is a covered structure that is open to the exterior. Like a pergola, there are no walls to enclose the area. Nevertheless, this type of installation has a hard roof, generally with a wooden framework and tiles. That is why a covered patio often provides continuity with the style of the house. Another important difference: it can be installed anywhere in the garden and not just against a wall of the house. Like a bioclimatic pergola, a covered patio offers a variety of uses. Patio, play area or barbecue area, this versatile installation provides added value to your home. A covered patio has one particularity that shouldn't be underestimated: its hard roof prevents the sun's rays, thus limiting any possibility of sunbathing.

Bioclimatic pergola: adjustable opening

In contrast to a covered patio, a bioclimatic pergola has an adjustable roof. Thanks to its adjustable aluminium louvres, it is possible to open and close the roof. Depending on the intensity of the sunshine, you can thus adjust the degree of sunlight to get the full benefit of fine weather and to protect yourself from showers. Mainly designed to serve as a semi-covered patio, a bioclimatic pergola is installed against the wall of the house. This installation is more comfortable for daily use than a covered patio, especially if it is equipped with motorised louvres and motorised side blinds, ensuring automatic opening and closing.