How to choose the right pergola?

Comment choisir sa pergola bioclimatiqueA perfect compromise between an awning and a veranda, the pergola is a unique living space. It is the ideal way to enhance your outdoors. It can be adapted to suit all seasons and all budgets thanks to the numerous optional components. You're dreaming of a stylish and contemporary patio, without the glass walls of a veranda. You can already picture your evenings with friends in your garden, enjoying the last rays of sunshine. Or enjoying a quiet coffee, sheltered from the elements. But how can you be sure you're making the right choice? Read all our tips on how to choose the best pergola for you!

The different types of pergolas

There are 4 main types of pergolas. To choose the best one for you, you firstly need to decide where you're going to put it. Garden or patio, a pergola can be installed wherever you want. However, depending on where you live, the construction has to be a certain distance from your neighbours' properties. Once you've decided where you want it to go, you have three main choices.


The wall-mounted pergola

Fixed directly to the wall of the house, it becomes a continuation of your home. It can also be fixed to the wall of any outbuilding which is solid enough to support a lean-to pergola. It only has two columns, one of the sides being supported by the house facade. A true extension of the home, it is perfect for patios.

The freestanding pergola

Separate from the house, it enables you to create a cosy space in which to relax wherever you want it. Installed in your garden, the freestanding pergola receives a lot of light as it has no walls. Supported by 4 posts, it can also be installed on a patio.

The bioclimatic pergola

This pergola can be wall-mounted or freestanding. With this type of pergola, you can control the elements so you can enjoy your garden come wind, rain or shine! Thanks to its rotatable slats, the bioclimatic pergola adapts to all types of weather and all climates. The manual or automated system lets you determine how much shade and ventilation you want. You can also choose a temporary, removable pergola, perfect for special occasions. These pergolas are quick to erect and take down and are ideal for smaller budgets.

Which cover to choose for your pergola?

There are lots of different options which can be adapted to each roof. Here we will look at the most common covers.

The canvas cover

Cotton, polyester, acrylic or micro-ventilated, canvas covers are relatively resistant and inexpensive. Canvas provides shade and is generally given a water repellent coating. It is available in a wide selection of colours. If you opt for canvas, choose micro-ventilated or micro-perforated fabric. This type absorbs UV rays. Canvas covers can be motorised, roll-up or retractable.

The fixed roof

The roofs of these pergolas have the same options as our veranda roofs. Glazing, polycarbonate sheets or sandwich panels will allow natural light to enter through the roof.

  • a glazed roof will allow sunlight, as well as its heat to enter;
  • a polycarbonate cover has integrated filters which retain UV rays;
  • the sandwich panel comprises insulating foam;
  • rotatable slats are specific to bioclimatic pergolas;

The sliding roof

AKENA offers an innovative panoramic retractable roof. This sliding cover enables you to enjoy light and space all year round. Just like the bioclimatic pergola, the retractable roof can be manually or electrically operated. It allows the light to flood in.

Pergola materials

Aluminium pergolas

With its contemporary and modern design, an aluminium pergola will lend a certain cachet to any property. Thermo-lacquered aluminium is very easy to maintain. It has an indefinite lifespan and infinite functionalities. A real extension to the home, the aluminium pergola boasts sleek, timeless lines.

Wooden and wrought-iron pergolas

Traditional and classic, these pergolas made from rustic materials need to be treated regularly. These materials blend perfectly into natural surroundings but require a lot of maintenance.

PVC pergolas

PVC is a modern plastic. Extremely versatile, it can be used for a broad range of creative applications. It is easy to maintain but has rather a short lifespan.