What accessories & options should you choose for your pergola?

Whether it is traditional or bioclimatic, you can make your pergola unique. By adding optional elements and accessories, your pergola is transformed from a simple garden shelter into a real living space. The perfect space for entertaining. The outdoors becomes a place of relaxation and well-being! Discover all the options to help you enjoy your pergola to the full.

Blackout accessories for pergola

A pergola is an open space. In general, only its roof offers protection from the elements and the sun's rays. However, various components and accessories can be added to provide screening for the pergola, both on the roof and on the sides.

The slatted roof of the bioclimatic pergola

To be free to determine how much shade or natural light you wish to have, the bioclimatic pergola is the ideal solution. Its louvred roof with rotatable slats provides protection from the sun and rain, as well as the light when it can become too intense at certain times of the day. The bioclimatic pergola's slats are motorised and can be rotated manually or automatically.

Covering the roof of a pergola with a canvas or tarpaulin

You can also choose to cover your pergola with canvas. Whether it is acrylic or micro-perforated, to provide effective screening it must also be resistant to rain, wind and UV rays. This canvas must also be solid enough to protect from insects and resist any tearing. You can remove it for winter and it is available in a wide selection of colours.

Roofing accessories to hide a pergola

Again for the roof, there are two essentials: the sunshade and the blind.

  • The sunshade is installed beneath your pergola's glass or polycarbonate roof. It helps to reduce the amount of sunlight and heat admitted into the pergola. It is usually modular and can be adapted depending on how much light you want. This sun protection system can be fitted to many pergola models;
  • The blind can be installed on the outside of your pergola. Its highly resistant canvas protects against UV rays and regulates the heat and light. The motorised horizontal blind can be opened and closed using a switch or a remote control. The same goes for the interior sun screen.

Curtains: a classic to hide a pergola

Many homes are fitted with curtains to block out the sun and prevent others from looking in. They are also a great way to accessorise or decorate a pergola. Simply install some curtain poles and choose from a wide selection of patterns and colours! And if you prefer the airy, decorative style of curtains fluttering in the breeze, you can opt for net curtains.

Vertical blinds for a contemporary pergola

In a similar vein, motorised vertical blinds can be retrofitted. They provide a sunscreen and privacy for your pergola. Side blinds are remote controlled. They can be totally opaque or slightly translucent.

Home automation invites itself under your bioclimatic or traditional pergola!

When it comes to the "comfort" options, modern pergola manufacturers like to pull out all the stops! A host of options and additional elements are available. Switch on the lights, programme the heating, sit back and enjoy your evening! And for a relaxing afternoon in the summer heat, we even have misting systems. 

Here is a non-exhaustive list of accessories and options that you can add to your traditional or bioclimatic pergola:

  • LED spotlights or strip lights;
  • heating;
  • misting system;
  • sound system with Bluetooth speakers;
  • weather sensors for the bioclimatic pergola's retractable slats.

All these options can be controlled remotely thanks to a wall switch, a handset or home automation.

Side walls: an option for an upgradable pergola

Maybe you're hesitating between an aluminium pergola and a veranda. That's why we offer a pergola that can evolve to adapt to your needs! Once you have built your bespoke pergola, you can always decide to close it off further down the line! You can choose to add one or more glass walls to close it off completely, or leave part of it open. It is also possible to install glazed windows or fixed or sliding transparent panels.

The pergola is transformed into a veranda providing you with a new living space.

Aluminium pergola: choice of colours

The aluminium structures of the bioclimatic or traditional pergolas are robust, 100% watertight and require very little maintenance. They also offer a wide choice of optional elements and an extensive array of colours. Of course, we recommend you choose a colour which allows your pergola to blend into its surroundings and which doesn't clash with the style of your house. Thanks to the wide variety of available colours, white, frosted black, beige, anthracite grey and many more, you'll be spoilt for choice!

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